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Head-to-Head: Relocon

Relocon is determined to support the growing Entrepreneurial spirit across the region, we met with James Cracknell to see what this new support network looks like.


What does your company do?

Relocon Ltd is a membership business that provides access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of North Essex and Suffolk. We are well networked across the region, can direct people to targeted support and prepare people to pitch to investors.  At our heart is knowledge transference, helping businesses manage, explore and exploit knowledge for opportunities. We gather information and disseminate this digitally as well as through a growing schedule of events, creating content and sharing this for the benefit of our members and wider audience.

How did you start your company?

All that we are today is informed by all that we have done and puts the work of the past in a context relevant to our future. Relocon is the outcome of a life’s journey in business across multiple sectors, engaging with different business models and learning along the way. This region is our passion – its sustainability vital – and the entrepreneurs who are the game changers, the target of our support. Adam and I have worked together through other roles, our values are aligned and our skills complementary.

What are you working on at the moment?

We are focused on building a platform that connects aspirational entrepreneurs directly to the ecosystem that supports them. A membership platform that will be the conduit to community engagement and practice.  Every month we are delivering the Informed Entrepreneur event, growing the models that will support businesses in uncovering their true purpose and elevate their pitch and the narrative of their business. We are currently supporting local entrepreneurs through the ICKG Studio X, a home to student start ups and also our own delivery.

What do you like about the Innovation Centre?

The people – both who lead the venue but who are also situated in the venue. The ICKG is destined to be the flagship for the region for innovation, technology and entrepreneurism.  The values that Dan and the team espouse are absolutely aligned to our own – and as a venue it is second to none. Those businesses that will populate the offices are naturally the businesses we want to support,  to help them scale and create the quality jobs the region needs.

What projects/next steps are you planning for the future?

The platform and brand development are crucial to our success, equally the community and growing the events. Next step is recruiting another cofounder who will be responsible for community engagement but also skilled in the delivery of events.

Our values are all about transparency – any member must recognise the value that porousness creates in the pursuit of growth. We believe in giving back – and 75% of our surpluses will be used to fund and develop purposeful businesses across the region. As we grow, so we invest, so our membership and value grows.

Could you picture yourself joining James and his team at the Innovation Centre, Knowledge Gateway? If so, please get in touch with us on 01206 405 500 and find out how we start supporting your business. Contact us HERE!


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